Petar Baralic

Petar Baralic Playing History

Petar Baralic played professionally in Europe and in the North American Soccer League and Major Indoor Soccer League. He played for his National Team of Yugoslavia and was the captain of the Yugoslavian Olympic Team. He is well known for his career with the highly ranked Red Star team in Europe where he is respected by both players and fans, alike. Petar played as a midfielder and striker. Petar played in Yugoslavia until 1979 when he came to the USA and played outdoor soccer for the Tampa Bay Rowdies and Washington Diplomats. He also played professional indoor soccer for the Baltimore Blast and Phoenix Pride. Petar later coached professionally for the Arizona Sandsharks and Arizona Thunder and was the SISL coach of the year. Petar is very well known, in many places around the soccer world. When he attends a soccer game he is mobbed by the media and fans in Europe! The European media loves Petar because of his off the wall, "tell it like it is" comments, similar to Charles Barkley in the U.S.

Watch Petar Baralic in Action

Clip includes old footage of his indoor playing days and some one on one student training!

Petar Baralic scores 2 goals and 1 assist vs New York Cosmos

The Tampa Bay Rowdies defeated the New York Cosmos 3-2 in a North American Soccer League match on May 12, 1979 at Tampa Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

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"Practice does not make Perfect - Perfect Practice makes Perfect." ~ Petar Baralic


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"You can't get this type of training through any club practice." ~ Gary Spence


What my clients are saying  

In the past eight years you have always been there for me when I have needed personal skills training. No one else has ever taught me the individual skills, or given me the intense training that I have received from you. Thank you for helping me to fulfill my dreams, as I set new goals for the future. Katie Griffin, former Sereno club player on 100% scholarship at the University of Colorado in Boulder.


~ Katie Griffin

Petar's expertise helped in two important ways. The first area was in my skills. His knowledge and background helped me increase my technical speed with the ball. He showed me how to reach and position my body in order to gain quickness and speed with my moves creating more space between the defender and me. The other area that he really helped me was in the tactical aspect of the game. Because of watching tapes of games and his discussions with me, I was able to understand not only what was going on in games but also what should have happened. Coach Petar helped me understand that the major difference at each level of competition is the speed of the game, and to be successful at higher levels of competition you must react, move and think much faster. Coach Petar made the transition from Club Soccer to NCAA Division I soccer much easier for me. Thank you Petar for your help. Josh Hansen, University of San Francisco Men’s Soccer Team.


~ Josh Hansen

Without the help of Petar I wouldn't be at where I am now. Petar has helped me with everything including my touch, shot, passing, dribbling, and most importantly my left foot. If you are serious about soccer and want to develop to your greatest potential, Petar Baralic is who you need to work with.


~ Joshua Doughty (5 years of training with Petar)

I can't thank you enough for the hours and patience that you've spent in making me a better player. From the first day I started working with you, you've continuously helped me grow and improve my game. I would never have been as technical of a player without your help. You paid attention to detail and helped me correct every little thing I did wrong. I have no idea where I would be without the training I've received from you, but I know that I would not have made it this far in my soccer career. Thank you for helping me reach the next level. You are by far the best coach that I've ever been trained by. I will miss you, your practices, and laughs we've shared.


~ Gabby Stoian (U.S. National Team)

Thank you Petar. I would have never made it this far without the training I received from you. The technical teaching you gave me especially with the improvement of my left foot allowed me to be playing at the highest levels of soccer.


~ Brooks Lennon (U.S. National Team)

...nobody teaches these small details but Petar. I am very grateful to have a coach like Petar. Without his help, all of this would still be a dream.


~ Rudy Escutia (Manchester United Academy (England))

Just want to appreciate the work you have done with George and if is wasn't for you he would not have made it to the US National Team and also Danny is getting looked at by the U15 National team and I won't forget the work you have done for Danny when I couldn't pay you.


~ Sarge Malki (George and Danny's father)

It is clear to us that her training with Petar over the past five years is what has made her into the highly skilled and intelligent soccer player that she is today.


~ Shawn Seaman (father of Nicole Seaman)

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